Here are some of our favorite videos. For more, go directly to YouTube.

Carlos performing with Juliet McMains at La Mirada Argentine Tango Showcase. December 2015.

Gallo Ciego by Osvaldo Pugliese


An improvisation at Dance Tango, in New York City. April 2011.

Cite Tango by Astor Piazzolla


Carlos doing an improvised performance with Tilly Kimm at Amherst College Fall Milonga (Amherst, MA). December 2013.

La Racha by Carlos Di Sarli


An improvisation at the Neo Tango Festival in Montreal, Canada. May 2009.

Corazón by Carlos di Sarli


A semi-improvised alternative tango at the Portland TangoFest. October 2008.

Mini Skirt by Kronos Quartet


An unexpected improvisation to the song Tova and Carlos performed as Tango Cheeseballs. The song was a surprise choice by DJ Avik at the Tango de los Muertos festival in Boston, November 2008. (The strange costumes were unrelated to the song.)

Este Es El Rey by Juan D'Arienzo


The Tango Cheeseballs: a choreography with Andres Amarilla and Meredith Klein. The original performance at Providence Tango in 2006.

Este Es El Rey by Juan D'Arienzo


A tango improvisation at Valentango in Portland, Oregon. February 2008.

Todo Mi Vida by Francisco Canaro


A funny little improvisation at the Providence Tango New Year's Marathon. January 2007.

La Tablada by Edgardo Donato


A tango improvisation at the Tango de los Muertos festival in Boston. November 2006.

Pregonera by Alfredo De Angelis


The Tango Lessen, part I. The San Francisco Tango Exchange's version of the famous film "The Tango Lesson". But here it's much shorter and made ludicrous by the casting of Tova as Pablo Veron and Carlos as Sally Potter. June 2008.


The Tango Lessen, part II....If you only have time to watch one part, make it this one rather than part I.


An improvised milonga performed in Michelle Badion's Tango Cabaret show at the Century Ballroom in Seattle, WA. August, 2006.

No Hay Tierra Como La Mia by Francisco Canaro


An improvised vals at the Tango Joven festival in Chicago, IL. July, 2006.

El Vals Soñador by Miguel Caló