Tova and Carlos faces pic

Tova and Carlos have been dancing Argentine tango together for over a decade - and they're still just as fired up and passionate about the dance as they were when they took their first tango-steps together in Seattle in 1997. The Morenos regularly teach and perform at tango weekends and festivals around the US, and have taught in the UK, Germany, and Mexico. Their performances are applauded for their musicality and playfulness. As instructors, the Morenos hook students with a happiness and sense of fun that is innate to their personalities, but keep students coming back with solid technique and a gentle demand for precision and hard work.


Tova and Carlos became professional tango instructors in 2002 in Baltimore where they established a welcoming tango community. Now living in Boston and New York, while Carlos pursues a graduate degree, the Morenos are among the favorite instructors of New England's university tangueros, teaching primarily at MIT and Harvard. Their youth, energy and zestiness enable them to connect particularly well with students.

They began performing tango early in their dance career and were original members of Michelle Badion's tango dance group with performances at the Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle and at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon. Their Boston performance in a well-received tango show in 2005 was declared by the Boston Globe as "the most sizzling tango".

Carlos sings tangos so well it makes women (and some men) swoon, and Tova organizes a very popular festival in Boston in November, Tango de los Muertos, which draws tango dance and music addicts from all over the world. They also host a milonga in Boston, Milonga Naranja.

On top of all this teaching, dancing, organizing, and singing, they lead a double-life. During the daytime, Tova makes costumes for theaters such as the American Repertory Theater in Boston and the Santa Fe Opera and Carlos recently defended his PhD thesis on the biomechanics of non-steady locomotion in terrestrial animals at Harvard University in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.