Tova and Carlos faces


Read The Boston Globe's review of Tango: Then and Now on May 7th, 2005. "Tova and Carlos Moreno danced the most sizzling tango of the evening."

Tova and Carlos were interviewed by The Baltimore Sun about tango in Baltimore.

Tova and Carlos talk about tango and their new homebase, Jamaica Plain, MA. JP Bulletin February 12, 2004.



The following comments are spontaneous, non-solicited, and are posted here with permission from their authors.

"Dear Tova and Carlos,
Thanks so much for taking the time and joining our students for the celebration of Valentine's Day. Your performances and teaching were wonderful, and as usual I heard a lot of nice comments about you. You connect so well with the students." - Professor Hossein Hakim, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. February 2006.

"Thank you again for your kind attention to my daughter and her pal at MIT last night. They were still bubbling away about it at midnight!
Your demonstration was terrific and I so enjoyed your creativity, elegance, humor, and athleticism in each of the dances!....Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you whenever next time is, and enjoying your buoyant tango instruction." - Julie Leven, Cambridge, MA. January 2006.

"Dear Carlos & Tova,
Just a note to let you know how very much I enjoyed your program yesterday at the Cape Museum of Art. You two were excellent and it was a true pleasure to both watch and listen to your varied accomplishments of the dance. Mucho gusto!!!" - Tim Pennypacker, Cape Cod, MA. January 2006.

"Well thanks for a great series of lessons! I've taken dance lessons before--swing and salsa--and I have to say I enjoyed this tango class more than any other I've taken. I think your system of teaching small steps one at a time rather than long sequences is a good one." - Andrew Sewell, Cambridge, MA. May 2005.

"...thank you once again for this really good class. You struck the right balance between teaching the movement technique and actually progressing with steps, so that we could start feeling the thrill of actually dancing!" - Michal Miaskiewicz, Cambridge, MA. May 2005.

"Dear Tova and Carlos,
Thank you very much for the lovely private lesson last Sunday....
I appreciate your acute observation skills and your attention to detail. You both have a very nice manner regarding how you interacted with me. I learned a great deal and and know what to practice. In short... you guys are wonderful." - Amy Mestancik, Boston. April 2005.

"Your dancing and teaching was an inspiration to me and Carlos [Acuna]! We learned a lot. We are continuing to work with the material that you presented. I hope that you will come back soon." - Sharon Frantz, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. March 2005.

"Thanks soooo much for the wonderful time we had last friday during your workshop in Hartford. It was incredibly inspiring and fun and motivating and I learned a lot not just about Tango and dancing but about the arts of connection, expression and trust. Your performance was evocative, creative, exciting and so beautiful to watch. Thanks!" - Maria, Amhurst MA. October 2004.

"How many thank yous can I fit in a comment? Never enough! Tango has been part of my life in a semi-quiet way for some time now, but now, thanks to you, it's awake... can't ignore it anymore :) In a student life, as busy as it gets, I must find time for tango now, to feed the craving :) I love your teaching style, your energy, your sense of humor and your beautiful technique. A big, huge, infinite THANKS to you two: it's being great :)" - Anna, Boston MA. October 2004.

"Tova and Carlos, I want to tell you what a wonderful job you two did with the marathon tango weekend. It was obvious that much thought was put into it so that the students would benefit as much as possible. Your teaching is wonderful; your dancing is pretty unbelievable. And you guys radiate positivity and fun and energy which engages everyone around you. You are yet so young; I can only imagine what your dancing and teaching will be like in the years to come." - Beth Weber, Baltimore MD. September 2004.

"I saw you guys dance at a wedding in Montreal--you were just awesome! It took my breath away to see your fluid, playful, and just plain amazing dancing! I would have thought so even if I wasn't your mother." - Mom, Vancouver Canada. August 2004.

"Two months ago I appeared at Cambridge VFW...Tango night...A couple caught my attention...If I hadn't seen you guys dancing that night I would have given up at the beginning...And classes with you...Such a joyful experience...Such a pleasure. Thanx." -Zoran Vidanovic, Boston MA. July 2004.

"We are thrilled to be your students. It's not often we find great teachers in great dancers. Teaching, like the tango, is all about connection. You told us what we could expect to learn by the end of the session and delivered! Voila - we be dancing!
Personally, I'm learning more than dance from you. In you, I see what it means to live with integrity. The words and concepts that you use - balance, invitation, connection - are expressed in your behavior, both through your teaching style and your relationship with each other as partners in life. Thanks for everything!" -Frances Windt, Baltimore MD. February 2003.

"I want to thank you for being such wonderful teachers. I love the way you have taught "our guys" to have wings and invite us. I'm telling you this because I value so much your style and teaching. Thanks so much." - Daisy Barquist, Baltimore MD. April 2003.

"Muchas gracias for your hard work and superbly choreographed lessons. By the end of this class we will all have been grounded in the basics of the dance and have learned more than rote steps." - Ted Bauer, Baltimore MD. March 2003.